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I keep getting bubbles under the screen protector on my iphone 7plus. I didn't have that problem with the 6s. its already my third screen protector of a different company. the guys at mcshark shop told me it can not be the iphone it self, but there is no other option why it can be that bubbles keep rising and increasing in size. could it be that the screen is not straight ? in that case I have to send it to apple and they will change the screen or give me a new iphone ?

thank you very much in advance.

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16. Apr. 2017, 23:38 als Antwort auf VitruvianMan Als Antwort auf VitruvianMan

You should visit an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider next to your place and show them your phone.

Maybe they can recommend a screen protection film that will work with this phone.

Is your phone still covered by the warranty?

Find an Apple Authorized Service Provider

Make an Apple Store appointment

16. Apr. 2017, 23:38

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17. Apr. 2017, 16:52 als Antwort auf Ingo1127 Als Antwort auf Ingo1127

Thanks for the answer. Yeah a bought the phone a month ago. I have called apple they told me could be anything, and that I should go to an authorized shop, I have been to an authorized apple service provider "mcshark". The twenty year old boy told me it cant not be the iPhone, it must be the screen protector. But its already a third one and after one week it gets bubble on the same place.

So I not im thinking what to do as the boy only wanted to sell me a 30 euro screen protector which costs online 15, and couldn't help me further.

17. Apr. 2017, 16:52

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Frage: Screen protector bubbles