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I have an iPod (first touch) that i want my kids to use. I am trying to get into the app store but the iPod tells me i need to sign in whilst my iMac and iPhones tell me a verification code that I am supposed to enter. Both do not match!! I can't use the damn number shown on the iMac on the iPod...

What am i doing

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22. Apr. 2017, 18:38 als Antwort auf Bullix Als Antwort auf Bullix

Seems like you are using the Two-Step-Verification for your Apple ID.

The code you will have to enter is created by Apple and does not have anything to do with your Apple ID password.

Check these articles about it:

Two-step verification for Apple ID - Apple Support

About two-step verification and SMS - Apple Support

22. Apr. 2017, 18:38

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23. Apr. 2017, 09:20 als Antwort auf Ingo1127 Als Antwort auf Ingo1127

Thanks Ingo. It least i could switch it off now... The initial problem however is not solved. When i type in the Apple ID password, i get an error message on the iPod telling me that i have to sign in with the verification code. When i click on continue, i have to re-enter the ID password and am getting the same message again and again. On the i Phone and the Mac however i continue to receive codes and a window, that my ID is being used... its a catch 21!

23. Apr. 2017, 09:20

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Frage: iTunes account