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Frage: I can change the country of my apple ID to Thailand ?

I want to change the country of Apple ID to Thailand in order to DE my VISA card. But it appears that the iTunes won't allow me to change due to I have a balance that I redeemed from iTunes Gift Card left. Could you help remove those remaining balance out from my Apple ID so I can change the country of my Apple ID to Thailand? My name is kanlaya khamhan I need to clear my balance in my apple ID bacause i want to change my region, DE to Thailand. My apple ID is k*******

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10. Mai. 2017, 15:17 als Antwort auf Kanlaya Als Antwort auf Kanlaya

Sorry, but you are not addressing Apple Support here, this is a user to user forum only. We can't change any info for you. But the people at Apple ID Support are able to help you and guide you through it. Go to this page to contact them:

Apple ID – Support

Also check this article:

Change your iTunes Store country or region - Apple Support

10. Mai. 2017, 15:17

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Frage: I can change the country of my apple ID to Thailand ?