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Frage: Profile Manager error phase 2 OTA


i have been struggling trying to enroll an iphone on our mdm, funny is, i can enroll other device with no problem.

This device was enrolled before then after several wrong password entries, the system wiped it, since then i am not able to enroll it again.

Have searched the logs from the device manager, couldnt find anything, even turned the debug value higher, no chance.

Certificates from Server are valid. Like i said i can enroll other devices.

This error "https://(FQDN)/devicesmanagement/api/device/ota_service" is invalid is killing me.

Searched on the whole database to check if is there any reference to the device, but there is none.

Have tried to install the profiles via Apple Configurator, also no chance. Even though i reseted the device several times, even upgraded from 15.06.17 to ios 10.3.2, also no sucess.

What i have tried and worked, it was to restore the device with the user backup, then enroll and it accepted. After that i removed the device again to be sure the database is clear, but... again this ota_service error again.

Hope someone has an explanation for this 🙂 thanks in advance.

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Frage: Profile Manager error phase 2 OTA