Frage: apple watch continues use over >60 hrs

Hi Everybody,

got a question re using my apple watch for more than 60 hrs continuously during an ultra-long sport event.

Does anybody have an idea how to keep the watch charged during such a long time? i.e. got 10 min break every 2 hrs - is there any quick-charge options (rapid charge during 10 min)?

or any charging system during use directly on arm?

appreciate your input



Apple Watch Sport 42mm (1st Gen), iOS 10.3.2

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29. Mai. 2017, 19:59 als Antwort auf Masu1 Als Antwort auf Masu1

You cannot charge the watch during use, as the sensors would be covered. So the only option is to charge it in your breaks. There seems to be nothing to significantly decrease the charge times though.

29. Mai. 2017, 19:59

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29. Mai. 2017, 20:02 als Antwort auf Osas Als Antwort auf Osas

Thanks Osas, I expected something like that but hopped that there would be a trick.

will test now how much I can charge her in 9 minutes (time during my break after 2 hrs) and see how much I loose during 2 h of sport

29. Mai. 2017, 20:02

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Frage: apple watch continues use over >60 hrs