Frage: Update iOS 8.3 just to 9.3.5

Hey you all,

I have an iPhone 5s, which is Running in iOS 8.3. i didn't wanted to Update because i had a Lot of problems with My old iPhone 4 and software-updates.

But now i want to update My phone, cause otherwise some Apps won't work. Is it possible to Update My iPhone 5s from 8.3 to just the iOS 9.3.5?!

(I don't want iOS 10, because i don't like ist that much :D)

Think you for your help.

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You cannot do this. You can only ever update to the lastest software available for your device.

There is software that works around this, but I cannot recommend this to you as it can lead to damage of your phone and vulnerability on the security side, as it is not based solely on Apple software.

01. Jun. 2017, 13:50

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Frage: Update iOS 8.3 just to 9.3.5