Frage: How to delete hidden configuration profile?

Hello folks,

last time my little daughter had my iPad with latest updates, normally she is using it beside me,

so I have a look at what she's doing.

But in a moment of inattention I looked away, then it happened, that a message was showing up about installing a configuration profile and she confirmed it.

I had no time to read what configuration profile it was nor where it came from.

Because I thought of insecure profile or malware, I did quickly uninstall all recently installed apps, and after that, I took a look on the menu beyond "General", but there is no "Profile" section showing up.

I have read a bit, and it says, that if no profile is installed, the section isnt shown...but I have seen the install prompt for the profile, so it must be somewhere...

I plan to buy an iPhone in the next few days but now I am afraid, that this somehow insecure configuration profile is assigned to my account - so if I log in on my new phone with the same account the security issue will continue there.

How is it possible to get rid of a configuration profile, which does not show up in the menu?

Is this profile assigned to the device or the apple-ID? So maybe a full reset of the device is necessary or not?

Thank you in advance, I hope you can help me out!

best regards


iPad Air, iOS 10.3.2

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Frage: How to delete hidden configuration profile?