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Frage: IPHONE 7 malfunctioning with lightning earpods

Hi All,

I own a iphone 7 128GB.


whenever I use my lightning earpods, my calls are disconnected very frequently and also Voice control is activated even though voice control is off in settings.

This issue does not occur when I do not use earpods.

please suggest and help me to comeover this issue.

iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.2, model MN932ZD/A

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01. Jul. 2017, 16:37 als Antwort auf navinarray Als Antwort auf navinarray

To find out if this is hardware related, can you try these EarPods with another iPhone 7?

Or can you try another pair of lightning EarPods with your iPhone?

Did you check the docking port for any kind of debris or lint?

If another pair of lightning EarPods does not work on your phone either, setting it back to factory settings would be the next step to rule out an iOS software issue.

Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to factory settings

01. Jul. 2017, 16:37

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Frage: IPHONE 7 malfunctioning with lightning earpods