Frage: How can I delete an Apple-ID

Hello everybody,

I Want to use the E-Mail address from one Apple-ID in another one. So I want to delete the first Apple-ID completely, so the E-Mail address won't be "taken".

I really need to change my E-Mail because it has got some very childish numbers..

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MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2013), macOS Sierra (10.12.4)

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30.Aug.2017, 22:25 als Antwort auf Tlumination

Hi Tlumination,

Deleting the AppleID won't solve your issue, as you won't be able to reuse the address.

Instead you should rename the AppleID that currently has the email address that you wish to reuse on Then you have to wait for 30 days, when the address will be set free from its connect to the previous account. Then you can reuse the email address for another ID.

In order to rename the Id follow this instruction: Change your Apple ID - Apple Support

30.Aug.2017, 22:25

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30.Aug.2017, 22:26 als Antwort auf Tlumination

You can change the Mail address of your Apple ID by following the steps mentioned in this article:

Change your Apple ID - Apple Support

Die Email Adresse kann geändert werden, in diesem Artikel werden die nötigen Schritte erklärt:

Ihre Apple-ID ändern - Apple Support

30.Aug.2017, 22:26

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Frage: How can I delete an Apple-ID