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Frage: Quicktime 7 Pro compatibel with High Sierra?

Okay… bad news… good old "Final Cut Pro" will not be compatibel with High Sierra anymore… not that we're using it a lot these days… but sometimes you need to open old projects - sad! As Final Cut Pro X has never grown up to be a true pro software… we – as most professional companies I know – have switched to Premiere or other tools.

But what about Quicktime Pro 7 ? This little "swiss pocket knife" is still the best video player out there… still providing ProRes codecs, simple but super handy editing tools and proper encoding… open a sequence, add sound, extrude sound… we love it! Still just one of the best tools Apple ever made for users in the pro area!

So, will Quicktime 7 Pro be running on High Sierra?

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Frage: Quicktime 7 Pro compatibel with High Sierra?