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Dank Funktionen wie dem Dunkelmodus, Stapeln und zwei neuen integrierten Apps könnt Ihr unter macOS Mojave mit einem Klick noch mehr erledigen.

Erfahrt hier, wie Ihr ein Upgrade auf macOS Mojave durchführen könnt >


Frage: MacOS Sierra is NOT available on the AppStore!

Hi everyone,

just thought i'll upgrade to Sierra after finishing a development project. No what? Sierra is not available on the App Store for whatever reason. And High Sierra is not an Option right know if you have a good customized tool setup.

I run a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15', Mid 2015), so i would expect no issues.

Any information from @Apple why Sierra can't be installed?



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26. Sep. 2017, 10:38 als Antwort auf tbannert Als Antwort auf tbannert

Hi Thomas,

thanks for the fast reply.

OSX Sierra was for free. I downloaded that a while ago, but it does not even show in the bought Articles.

Nevertheless, there is no plausible reason why the OS has been removed from the Store.


26. Sep. 2017, 10:38

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26. Sep. 2017, 11:03 als Antwort auf crud Als Antwort auf crud

Have you downloaded it with another Apple-/iCloud-ID?

I can only download older OS X Versions, after I get them on my Mac. Now when i want to update an older Mac to OS X 10.7., 10.8. or 10.10, i can not do this, because i get no Version of this OS X in the former years.


26. Sep. 2017, 11:03

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Frage: MacOS Sierra is NOT available on the AppStore!