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I have a brand new iMac with a 3 TB Fusion Drive. Since I installed the High Sierra Version with The new file format, my system runs well until it goes into sleep mode and after a few hours I have just a blinking icon - symbol for a directory- on the screen and you can only restart thru a hardware reset. The icon shown indicates that the system is not recognizing the start volume. Anyone has the same problem or any idea🙏 It is a shame that Apple only came up with the advice not to install High Sierra , after they released the first Beta. 😡

I already brought the Device to an Apple Store and they just loaded the latest Sierra version on the computer. I than updated to the official High Sierra Version and retired by data out of the Time. Capsule backup. Guess what - same issue all over again 😢

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10.Okt.2017, 09:37 als Antwort auf Cologne_1961

Hi Cologne_1961,

there are several things you could try.

Boot Mac up, press Command + R during the boot-up process;

  • Click Disk Utility option > Click First Aid and try repairing Mac's disk;
  • Disk Utility will automatically run a fsck (file system check) operation to help you repair macOS High Sierra fail to boot error;
  • If this fails, try restore from Recovery mode.
  • Reinstall OS X in Recovery Modewill automatically download and install the latest macOS High Sierra for your Mac device.

10.Okt.2017, 09:37

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10.Okt.2017, 19:50 als Antwort auf Aryan

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it's all not working. Disk Utility shows no issues at all. Reinstall OSX works and as soon as I restore my data I'm back in the problem. Apple has prematurely released the bloody software and the Apple help desk is unable to solve it.

10.Okt.2017, 19:50

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Frage: high sierra start volume lost