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Ankündigung: Upgrade auf macOS Mojave

Dank Funktionen wie dem Dunkelmodus, Stapeln und zwei neuen integrierten Apps könnt Ihr unter macOS Mojave mit einem Klick noch mehr erledigen.

Erfahrt hier, wie Ihr ein Upgrade auf macOS Mojave durchführen könnt >


Frage: high sierra start volume lost

I have a brand new iMac with a 3 TB Fusion Drive. Since I installed the High Sierra Version with The new file format, my system runs well until it goes into sleep mode and after a few hours I have just a blinking icon - symbol for a directory- on the screen and you can only restart thru a hardware reset. The icon shown indicates that the system is not recognizing the start volume. Anyone has the same problem or any idea🙏 It is a shame that Apple only came up with the advice not to install High Sierra , after they released the first Beta. 😡

I already brought the Device to an Apple Store and they just loaded the latest Sierra version on the computer. I than updated to the official High Sierra Version and retired by data out of the Time. Capsule backup. Guess what - same issue all over again 😢

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10. Okt. 2017, 09:37 als Antwort auf Cologne_1961 Als Antwort auf Cologne_1961

Hi Cologne_1961,

there are several things you could try.

Boot Mac up, press Command + R during the boot-up process;

  • Click Disk Utility option > Click First Aid and try repairing Mac's disk;
  • Disk Utility will automatically run a fsck (file system check) operation to help you repair macOS High Sierra fail to boot error;
  • If this fails, try restore from Recovery mode.
  • Reinstall OS X in Recovery Modewill automatically download and install the latest macOS High Sierra for your Mac device.

10. Okt. 2017, 09:37

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10. Okt. 2017, 19:50 als Antwort auf Aryan Als Antwort auf Aryan

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it's all not working. Disk Utility shows no issues at all. Reinstall OSX works and as soon as I restore my data I'm back in the problem. Apple has prematurely released the bloody software and the Apple help desk is unable to solve it.

10. Okt. 2017, 19:50

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Frage: high sierra start volume lost