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the right USB of my MBpro mid 2015, Sierra, is not working, cannot connect external HHD with or without own power supply. It happend suddenly.

Very interesting it is recognizing and can read an USB stick IFF pushed in VERY VERY slowly ???

I have tried NVRAM and SMC reset but no change.

Any ideas are welcommed.

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MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

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04. Nov. 2017, 10:15 als Antwort auf nictest Als Antwort auf nictest

Seems to be a damaged system. Try to fix it with Disk Utility.

If it doesn't help, start das Macbook und push key d immediately. Wait for the diagnose menu, and start it. Push the trackpad down, you hear a klick. At this point Multitouch Gestures are deactivated. If there is a failure, you should see a message.

Otherwise, install the Mac completely new.

04. Nov. 2017, 10:15

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04. Nov. 2017, 20:58 als Antwort auf llllppp Als Antwort auf llllppp

Thank you for the hints!

I tried diagnosis and all is OK, nothing found !

I suspect a softwre problem .. but do not understand how it could happen since I am using externa lUSB devices without problems on the other USB port. Maybe an update ? Why the right port and not the other one ? ..

Any idea ..?

Best regards

04. Nov. 2017, 20:58

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04. Nov. 2017, 22:25 als Antwort auf nictest Als Antwort auf nictest

I have quite the same problem with the only exception that both USB ports do not work as usual plus the SD card reader. Tried both the USB ports and the SD card reader. An SD card formatted MacOS extended works, the same card formatted exFAT and FAT32 doesn't. Interestingly, exFAT and FAT32 volumes show up in Disk Utility, but not in Finder or anywhere else.

Seems to be a problem related to the file systems supported.

04. Nov. 2017, 22:25

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05. Nov. 2017, 11:13 als Antwort auf JackGB Als Antwort auf JackGB

Hi JackGB,

How have you solved the USB ports problem? Repair at Apple shop?

What I have noticed: some usb-sticks formatted FAT32 can be read other usb-sticks cannot be recognized by the system.

With the defective port I have used and external HDD (with own power supply) and it worked fine for more than a year ,..suddenly it stopped ?!

Best regards

05. Nov. 2017, 11:13

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Frage: USB not working - Macbook Pro mid 2015