Frage: 11.1.1 battery life

bloddy battery problems for this ios combined with a 6s?

How the hell can it even exist? Stop this agile bs unr using and do serious development again.

Probably the guy /girl that caused this is the same that programmed the ‚safety feature‘ which just identified my phone being activated abroad and the sent a verification code to this very same phone ??????? WAKE UP

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To rule out a software issue, did you already try to set your device back to factory settings, without using the latest backup afterwards? If the battery life is back to normal after that, use the latest backup again to get your data and settings back.

Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to factory settings

If you activated the Two factor-authentication on your devices, make sure that you put more than one device in the list of trusted devices in your Apple ID settings.

Two-factor authentication for Apple ID - Apple Support

The location of the device might not be accurate, because in most cases this location relates to the place where the server of your provider is located.

18. Nov. 2017, 21:10

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Frage: 11.1.1 battery life