Frage: Icloud storage almost full?!

What can I do if I get a message saying my icloud storage is almost full (with docs) but there is nothing in it?! Im so confued :(

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22. Nov. 2017, 21:13 als Antwort auf Ingo1127 Als Antwort auf Ingo1127

I got an email from apple as well as on my device. It says the space is filled with docs (under settings/icloud). I have also deleted stuff but nothing really helped. Not sure where dis docs come from. I have googled quite a lot but noone could really help. Singnin off icloud and back in didnt really help :(

22. Nov. 2017, 21:13

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23. Nov. 2017, 07:58 als Antwort auf Zermatt Als Antwort auf Zermatt

As long as you don't need additional storage space in iCloud, in case you are starting to use the iCloud Photo Library or buy a new device, to back up in iCloud as well, there is nothing to worry about.

23. Nov. 2017, 07:58

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Frage: Icloud storage almost full?!