Frage: WiFi is not working with USB ethernet adapter

After this Update WiFi is not working anymore when I have plugged in my USB-ethernet-adapter (Macbook Air 13" Mid 2017)! Before this Update this wasn't a Problem at all. And since this Update includes changes on the usb handling I'm sure this is a bug! I can reproduce it simply by unplugging the adapter:

eth-adapter plugged in at boot/login: No WiFi-connection at all!

eth-adapter unplugged at boot/login: WiFi works

eth-adapter plugged in after login: WiFi connection is alive but no connection to the internet possible!

eth-adapter unplug after boot/login: WiFi connection is alive an is connected to the internet

This is really annoying and a serious problem!

Please fix this!


MacBook Air, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2), Model: 13" (Mid 2017)

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Frage: WiFi is not working with USB ethernet adapter