Frage: iPhone music player showing artist instead of title

Hello when I try to search for a title the iPhone shows the songs sorted by artist/group

iPhone 8 Plus iOS 11.2.1

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the english community has already discussed that problem:

AndrewSwift proposed this solution:

The problem is caused by the fact that Apple has added a new tag to iTunes tracks called "Work Name".

Work name is meant to be used for classical music to show the name of the work (as opposed to the movement).

However, Apple decided to automatically populate "work name" with the values in "grouping". So, in the Music app, it is showing you what it thinks is the name of the work being listened to, but due to a screw-up, it is showing your the grouping value instead.

To see this:

1. "Get Info" for an individual track

2. The first field is "song", but there are two arrows next to it. If you click on "song", you can change it to "work name"

To fix this:

1. Select all the affected tracks

2. "Get Info"

3. Check the box called "Use work and movement"

4. Delete the work value.

To see all the affected tracks, make a new smart playlist where "Work" is not [empty]. 8724 tracks. Thanks, Apple!

You are here in the German Support Communities. I would recommend you to write in German or visiting the English Community. So its easier to help you.

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I did was was suggested but it does not change anything .... Even worst, titles totally disappeared from the title selection (the search finds it though).

The mac os x itunes do not show titles sort anymore too ....

This is all very strange and does not help to find duplicates or remixes

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Frage: iPhone music player showing artist instead of title