Frage: Wifi issue with wifi slowing down and disconnecting


I have IMAC 27 inch Mid 2010 with

Macos High Sierra 10.13.2

Since updating my wifi is performing really bad.

It slows down over time and then totally disconnects and I am not able to re-connect to network. I need to re-start computer to get it working again.

My iPad, iPhone and other devices have no issue so the router and network is working OK but something seems to have changed on my IMAC with latest MacOS.

Does anyone have the same and now a workaround?

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iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13.2), null

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07. Jan. 2018, 13:18 als Antwort auf jpruller Als Antwort auf jpruller

Ok, maybe the router has a problem. So reset your router. Its very simple. Turn off router and disconnect all cables. Wait about 15 min. or longer. Connect all cables again, turn on router. Test it.

07. Jan. 2018, 13:18

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07. Jan. 2018, 14:44 als Antwort auf llllppp Als Antwort auf llllppp

Hello, tried this already and it didn't help.

Alos it is only my IMAC with MacOS10.13.2 that has this issue.

2 IPADs, 2 iphones, TV, cable box and work computer has no issues.

So I suspect either something in latest MacOS or something in latest MacOS affecting another SW that somehow interferes with the Wifi but I am not able to pin point anything more than that.

07. Jan. 2018, 14:44

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Frage: Wifi issue with wifi slowing down and disconnecting