Frage: Warum kann ich schon wieder nichts im iTunes store kaufen

Warum kann ich wieder nichts im iTunes Store kaufen

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08.Mär.2017, 22:59 als Antwort auf Bleeboy

Hi Julian and folks,

I successfully connect AirPods and Taotronics TT-BA01 twice. So let me share how to connect the devices.

1. Reset Bluetooth transmitter :

1) Turn on the transmitter (flush blue LED)

2) Push power switch twice

3) Turn off the device

4) Repeat 1) to 3) several times if this procedure does not work.

2. Paring AirPods and Taotronics :

1) Turn on the transmitter and push power switch until the device starts blinking LED in blue and red alternately.

2) Make AirPods paring mode

3) When Transmitter's LED gets stable red and AirPods case's white LED turns off, you get the paring.

Note : I get the paring in terms of :

1) AirPods are disconnected from iPhone7 and Apple Watch in advance.

2) Turn off other Bluetooth devices (Android device, other Bluetooth ear phone etc.)

Now I'm enjoying TV programs / Am*z*n Prime (Fire stick) / Internet & iTunes on Macbook Pro early 2012.

Cross fingers!!

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08.Mär.2017, 22:58 als Antwort auf Bleeboy

Woohoo!! I can confirm I am able to pair the AirPods with TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter / Receiver. Beware there is multiple version of it and one is only receiver (which is bluetooth 2). Together with an airline audio jack converter I can actually use it on the plane with the inflight entertainment! Here is the link to the one I am using. kId=fec1b91fefdd9421fc1e0ad2cb088bbb

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11.Jan.2018, 11:40 als Antwort auf Scholli221

Hallo ​Scholli221,
Wir hoffen, dass dir diese Tipps weiterhelfen und wünschen dir noch einen schönen Tag!

11.Jan.2018, 11:40

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Frage: Warum kann ich schon wieder nichts im iTunes store kaufen