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Frage: iPhone plays unwanted stuff randomly at 05:30am in the morning

Dear community,

I’m about to go crazy and hope somebody can help me. It’s the second time this happens to me and I can’t explain it.

Around Christmas time, my iPhone started behaving very strange. At 05:30 in the Morning, always and only at this time, my iPhone starts playing random stuff. Like, it starts talking or playing weird music. Last time it even played weird freaky Arabic music. Really freaks me out. About two days ago it started again.

Sometimes the phone turns unresponsive when that happens, then I can’t even stop the weird stuff that is playing unless I turn my phone off.

When I try to search for the source, nothing is to be found. There is no app that seems to be responsible. When I try to search for the name of the track that has been played (it's a different one every time), nothing comes up. There is no unwanted profile installed.

I have no weird Chinese apps on my phone, my phone is not jailbroken and always up to date with the latest iOS.

Last time, I had to do a complete reset of the phone, delete everything and start from scratch, which is really annoying. I can’t do that every 2 months...

I am at a complete loss of what is happening. Help anyone?

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14. Feb. 2018, 08:03 als Antwort auf anjadance85 Als Antwort auf anjadance85

If you set your device back to factory settings and did not use any backup data after that, the issue can only come back by using some 3rd party app.

Did you use your computer to set it back to factory settings?

Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to factory settings

14. Feb. 2018, 08:03

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14. Feb. 2018, 08:13 als Antwort auf Ingo1127 Als Antwort auf Ingo1127

That’s the strange thing. I did not use a backup. I did a complete factory reset. Installed everything from scratch. The only thing I had as a backup were my contacts and notes from iCloud. But no complete backup. That’s why I am so puzzled by this...

14. Feb. 2018, 08:13

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Frage: iPhone plays unwanted stuff randomly at 05:30am in the morning