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Frage: Fraud Activity Mails received

Dear Apple

In fact, I received in 5 February 2018 an intruder Email , it told me that someone did an invoice by my iCloud account with 332,99 $ , then I received two more emails with different invoices, I tried to cancel this Payment but the links that in email stands has a problem , in the last step to cancellation it doesn’t work .

I brought you here the screenshot of the emails , so you can prove if it’s real emails from Apple company or not .

When it is really emails and there is someone who knows my iCloud password , Could you please tell me the steps that I should do ?

Kind regards

Jood Joury

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16. Feb. 2018, 08:21 als Antwort auf jood Als Antwort auf jood

If you think, that you did not make theses purchases, you should contact Apple iTunes Store Support and ask them to have a look at this issue.


If you compared your credit card or bank statement to your purchase history and still don't recognize the charge, contact Apple Support.

If you don't use your Apple ID to make purchases from the iTunes Store or App Store and see charges on your statement, contact Apple for help with Apple ID account security.

If you think you're being billed twice for the same item, it might be a payment authorization holdand not an actual charge. The charge will disappear after your purchase clears.


from: If you see '' or an unfamiliar charge on your bank, credit card, or debit statement - Apple Support

16. Feb. 2018, 08:21

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Frage: Fraud Activity Mails received