Frage: Cannot locate external Disk in Finder

usb on iMac el capitan software

I cannot find the external disk in finder originally the USB used to pop up on the desktop and I just dragged photos or film into it and that was it. But today I could not locate the USB drive anywhere?????USB

iOS 11.2.6

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12.Mär.2018, 16:47 als Antwort auf elisabeth254

Just in case you have not yet found a solution, Elizabeth - perhaps you need to change the preferences for the Finder:

  • open a Finder folder
  • then go to the main menu bar "Finder > Preferences".
  • Make sure, that all items are enabled to be shown on the Desktop:

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Also click the Sidebar tab and enable all devices to show in the sidebar as well.

12.Mär.2018, 16:47

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Frage: Cannot locate external Disk in Finder