Frage: USB-Port (only) does not work with USB-Sticks


I have an Early 2011 MacBookPro, 13''. Both USB-Port doesn't accept USB-Sticks any more - or I can not see it on the desktop or with the disk utilites. Directly booting from an USB-Stick isn't possible neither. It tried ten different sticks from different persons and from different apple owners. Really strange is, that all other USB-Devices, like keyboards, presenters etc. DO WORK at both USB-Ports. Lateley I did the High Sierra update, but I don't know exactly, if this was the "changer".

Any ideas?



MacBook Pro, iOS 11.2.6

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I started the disk utility and clicked on "first aid" (in german language there is only a button "first aid", no "repair" button). After that the usb stick still wasn't usable because I don't see the flash drive on the desktop neither on the disk utility.

30. Jul. 2018, 10:03

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Frage: USB-Port (only) does not work with USB-Sticks