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Frage: iMac black screen after sleep mode and boot


I am experiencing a really annoying problem with my 27" mid 2017 imac. After the sleep mode, when want to wake up my computer,i recieve basicly nothing on my imac screen. Just black screen, like it is totally turned off, although my mac is completely working and responsive. When I connect an another display, i recieve image on my second display, everything is fully working, but nothing on my imac screen

I have already tried reseting SMC, NVRAM... The thing is, I have already experienced this problem 2-3 times before, i don't really know how i fixed it, one time it took 3 weeks and the next time 5 minutes. The last time i could fix this problem was by reseting SMC, but now this solution doesn't work as well. I have rebooted the imac several times, nothing happens.

Small tipp: When I am on Windows with Bootcamp and and check the displays on Control Panel, the system shows me that it can detect just my second monitor, not the imac's monitor. I shows me as I just have my second monitor, it can not detect imac's monitor.

I hope someone can give me an proper answer since I have my master thesis submission in 3 weeks and i really really need my imac back fully working.

Thanks in advance.

iMac, imac 27 black screen sleep mode

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Hi Yalin,

I would recommend posting this in the English community for a quicker reply, as they the community is specifically in English:



23. Mär. 2018, 15:13

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Frage: iMac black screen after sleep mode and boot