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Unterstützung bei der Verwendung von Kontakten, Kalendern oder Erinnerungen in iCloud erhalten


Frage: I've lost all my contacts.

This morning I have been prompted to insert my exchange password on my iphone. So I did that. After that, all my contacts were lost. I have not saved my contacts in the exchange account. I signed in on icloud.com and there all my contacts are empty as well. So I guess I had my contacts only locally saved on my phone before. How can I get back my contacts?

iPhone SE

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23. Apr. 2018, 12:01 als Antwort auf simon290 Als Antwort auf simon290

Does your iPhone save backups in the iCloud? Perhaps you can do in iTunes a complete iPhone reset and restore the phone from the iCloud backup.

In the future you should think about syncing your contacts to several devices.

23. Apr. 2018, 12:01

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Frage: I've lost all my contacts.