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Hello Community.

Well i'm searching an external Storage for the iPad Pro.
So, i'm a professional landscape Photographer, and i'm planning a World Trip.
I would love to make a lot of huge distance walks, so the equipment should be really light weight.

My plan is to buy a iPad Pro with 512GB storage, so i can edit my pictures.

Everybody who does Professional Photography, and even Timelapse Photography, knows that 512 GB Storage is not much. So i need an External storage when i'm on the Road.

So i know there are External Storages with wireless solutions for the iPad. But they are heavy! 500 Gramms more for a Wireless storage in my Backback who has 20 Kilos on a hike through the wilderness of Canada ore New Zealand? No way.. every Gramm is important! Lighweight solution is a SSD Storage with 1 TB and only 200 Gramms.. but it works with the old fashioned Cable... But it has 300 gramms less weight than a wireless solution. So my question is.

Is it possible to conecct an external SSD with 1 ore 2 TB to an i PadPro ? Can't find something in the Internet.
My Android Phone with an USB type C connection can do that easily without installing apps. Just connect the SSD and go ahead.

Thanks in advance for the answers.


iPad Pro, iOS 11

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06. Mai. 2018, 15:55 als Antwort auf simonsworldphotography Als Antwort auf simonsworldphotography

Hallo Simon,

eine Lösung mit externem SSD kenne ich nicht...

Mir ist lediglich diese von SanDisk bekannt.

Andernfalls denke doch mal darüber nach, deine Fotos bei einem Cloud Service zu speichern...

Liebe Grüße


06. Mai. 2018, 15:55

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06. Mai. 2018, 16:06 als Antwort auf simonsworldphotography Als Antwort auf simonsworldphotography

Hallo Simon,

grundlegend schließe ich mich Ueli da an, ich selber verwende 2 SanDisk iXPand und bin recht zufrieden damit.

Ansonsten habe ich noch eine WD SDD, bei dem Preis ist man sicherlich erstmal schockiert... ;-)

Die iXPand sind in der Summe auch nicht billiger. l?gclid=Cj0KCQjwz7rXBRD9ARIsABfBl82tCpzl77FS8J-r_4lKjZrdbWJKOwZxAkgruqcq8XLeSiLS H-3OROQaAipAEALw_wcB#WDBAMJ0020BGY-EESN

Enjoy your trip and don’t forgot batteries and a flexible solar panel, like drinking water... :-)

Kind regard / Beste Grüße

06. Mai. 2018, 16:06

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06. Mai. 2018, 22:23 als Antwort auf simonsworldphotography Als Antwort auf simonsworldphotography

I believe you take your photos with an professional Camera and not with the iPad. Maybe you should think about to invest your money into SD-Cards and not reuse them on the trip. After the card is filled up, write protect them to ensure they are not overwritten.

Addional you should think about ordering the 2TB iCloud Storage for the trip. With this you could not only enhance your iPad storage by migrating the fullsize pictures to iCloud when you have a WLAN connection. Also this would allow you, to backup your iPad with all the projects in Apps like iMovie you maybe want to create during the trip. As far as I know, this kind of app backup is not working with external Storage Solutions for iPads.

But if you really have the requirement to have huge mobil storage, you should maybe think about an 12“ Macbook with external SSDs. Then you have a full featured OS which could handle external storage. Potentially you already thought about that and killed the idea because of the double weight of the 12“ Macbook to the 10.5“ iPad. But maybe my ideas help you a little bit.

06. Mai. 2018, 22:23

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