Frage: Delete iPhone photos older than iPhone X

Is there an iOS app that deletes photos older than X? Or keep the newest 1GB of photos?

I do not want to delete lots of "moments".


iPhone SE, iOS 11.3.1

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17. Mai. 2018, 21:22 als Antwort auf chiarasabrina Als Antwort auf chiarasabrina

Sorry, I do not understand what you're trying to say. "Not taken by an iPhone X" ???

I'm not a fan at all for using "Optimize photos to gain space". I hate that Apple then shrinks every photo and you have to download also the newest form iCloud, even if you have Gigabytes of free space on the device. Makes no sense.

So I want to save all the photos on a NAS and delete old ones on iPhone from time to time. But it seems this is a task which cannot be automated.

17. Mai. 2018, 21:22

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17. Mai. 2018, 21:47 als Antwort auf zackdvd Als Antwort auf zackdvd

In your question title you are asking „delete iphone photos older than iphone x“, from that I gathered you want to delete all photos that you didn’t take with an iPhone X.

And yeah, optimizing makes little to no sense.

But there isn’t a way to automatically delete certain photos, Apple doesn’t allow such control / access by any third party program. When you are deleting photos in an album you can however swipe across multiple rows at once and mark them for deletion.

17. Mai. 2018, 21:47

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Frage: Delete iPhone photos older than iPhone X