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I wanted to reset my macbook lately, so i turned it off, booted it up and pressed cmd+r while it booted up.

I deleted my startup disk and restarted it. the problem is, everytime i boot up, all i can see is a folder with a question mark on it flashing on my screen. I`ve tried booting it up while holding cmd+r again but when i am told to enter my WiFi password and i doe so it says my password is wrong although i enter the correct one. Please help, my problem is very urgent.

Additional information:

Macbook: 2010

Version: Not quite sure but i think its Yosemite


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What's your keyboard layout? QWERTZ or QWERTY? I once had a similar problem when restoring my OS. I use a QWERTZ keyboard, and my password had the letter "z" in it. For some reason the restore process seems to assume you're on a QWERTY keyboard. So when I replaced the letter "z" in my password with the letter "y" I was good to go.

No clue if this will work for you. It's just a guess.

20. Mär. 2017, 10:50

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You are seeing the folder because your device cannot find an OS to boot from - apparently you used recovery to erase your hard drive, but did not install an OS afterwards?

Try Command + Option + R (internet recovery). This will take a while to boot into Apple's servers online (up to 15 minutes). Hold down the keys until you see a globe and a progress bar. Once you are into recovery, see if the reinstall option is available. You will download the entire OS (6.5 GB +/-) and then need to install it.

20. Mär. 2017, 17:49

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Your MacBook tries to boot from a partition where no OS (apparently nothing) is installed.

In order to reinstall macOS, hold CMD + Option + R while booting. That will take you to the Recovery-Mode, where you can reinstall macOS. Be patient, this may take a while...

24. Mär. 2017, 11:12

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Frage: Question mark folder and cmd+r doesn't help