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Pregunta: Duplicated items SDD full

Hello, firstly thanks for reading and trying to help me I really appreciated it.🙂

Today after a few hours of using my MacbookPro 2015 (just specifying) I got a notification saying that I was getting out of memory and just yesterday had around 40g left and I checked and it said I had less than 18 so I got very surprised. The only thing I got recently installed was a World of Tanks and it only occupies less than 1g so it worried me. The thing is I tried to free some space by deleting another game that I used to play (League of Legends) and thats a heavy game, around 20 to 30 g of space and deleted it and it did not change a single thing. I started checking my files and everything was fine just a few documents Ps, Ai, An, Pr and Ae from Adobe and a couple songs, may be and Im exaggerating half of my memory there but nothing to leave me with less than 20g of my SSD

Then the problem appears as when I open up the finder I noticed that in "all my files" EVERYTHING is duplicated EVERYTHING and if I delete one of the 2 files both disappear (in the trash can only one appears).

I am pretty scared of my mac getting infected with some kind of virus so if any of you have any idea of how to fix it it would be awesome.😮😕

Some extra data😐

Total space occupied from apps is 25g.

Everything else are just mb less than 5g pulling out everything together.

My system memory is 73g (this is scary as I remember it should be around 13g and its moving up and down)😟

Im leaving some screen shots

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MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch,Early 2015), iOS 10.3.2

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Pregunta: Duplicated items SDD full