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January 21, 2017. Manizales, Colombia


Apple Representative,

I am Lorena Echeverry Lopez, I am a Colombian citizen and proud supporter of your brand. I have used for many years your products including the Ipod Classic, iphone 3, Iphone 4, Iphone 4s, Iphone 5 and Iphone 6, Ipad and Apple TV and I have never considered using a different line of products due to the quality of your products, their functionality and your excellent customer support, that I haven’t personally used but my friends and family in US and Canada have. When Iphone X came to out to market, I thought this would be the best option for me to update as I didn’t see that Iphone 7 or 8 were offering enough innovation to justify the investment and also due to its new functions and characteristics. I saw many Apple videos and also different reviews on these new functions and one of the first to catch my eye was the fact that the screen included in this Iphone X is supposed to be the most resistant screen out there on smartphones; as actually, I have dropped many times my previous phones and never had a broken screen as commonly happens to other brands of phones so I thought this Iphone X would last me for a long time.

As mentioned before, I live in Colombia but on December 2017 I went on holidays to Miami and took advantage of this opportunity to buy there the new Iphone X as in Colombia the price is so much higher. Sadly, last Sunday (January 14th, 2018) I was sitting and my new Iphone X came out of my front pant pocket and felt, and when I picked it up I noticed that the external glass was intact but the internal screen was cracked. What a sad surprise for me to realize that the new super tough screen was not really that strong (the phone felt just around 30cm from the ground) and I have lost that much money; at that moment all my expectations and joy were lost.

I hope that you my case and help me in any way possible to fix my Iphone X as in reality it seems to be a weakness of the phone itself and as you can see I have treated well my phone and actually is quiet new.

Thanks you for your time and help on this matter,

Lorena Echeverry Lopez. Archivo cargado por el usuarioArchivo cargado por el usuario

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