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Question : Final Cut Pro Plugins with MacOS Sierra


I just bought my new Macbook Pro with the Sierra OS 10.12.4 in it.

Yesterday, I bought some plugins from PixelFilmStudio for FCPX but I can not find them in the software.

In fact, There's only like 2 plugins on 9 which were installed and one which was judged "too old" for the macbook.

The instruction says that if I have OS Sierra, I have to install it manually by going on "Motion Template" but in this finder, I can not find it... Not even the "Macintosh HD" in the finder, or "user" or "movie", nothing except my softwares and my documents.

Does anybody knows if it is possible to install these plugins and how ?

There is my plugin list that I have :
- Pixel Film Studios - FCPX Colorist 1.2S

- PFS - FCPX LUT Loader 1.4 (this is the too old)
- PFS - FCPX Overlay Aperture Light 5K 1.1

- PFS - FCPX3D Abstract 1.1 (this one is installed)

- PFS - Proana Volume 2

- PFS - Proglitch Volume 2
- PFS - Prolumetric 1.1 (this one is installed)

- PFS - Propixie 5K 1.1

- PFS - Prowarp

Thank you for your help,

PS: Si quelqu'un peut répondre en Français, ce serait parfait lol


MacBook Pro with Retina display, Sierra 10.12.4

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8 mai 2017 à 00h20 en réponse à Megui_who En réponse à Megui_who

Il semblerait que ton probleme vienne de Pixel Film Studios et des plugins

Verifies bien que tu aies la version 10.3.3 de FCPX disponible sur le Mac App store

Mais c'est bien ecrit en haut de leur page de support (en anglais)

Are Pixel Film Studios Plugins supported with Mac OS Sierra?

Yes, if you are having any issues installing, contact our email at with the name of the plugin and order ID(Starts with PIX) for the purchase.

Ils disent qu'il fat les contacter en cas de problem d'instalation sous Sierra et ca semble bien etre la reponse a ta question


8 mai 2017 à 00h20

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Question : Final Cut Pro Plugins with MacOS Sierra