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Question :

Question : The iPad cannot be synced unknown error (-54), stopping just after started step 4


MacOs 10.12.3

iPad Air MD793NF/A

The iPad cannot be synced unknown error (-54), stopping just after started step 4, during sync with an updated of one of my iBook bought on the store.

Because i have 2 iTunes account, one french, one canadian, i have regularly some difficulty when i want to sync my iPad on my Mac.

So I try to identified at what time exactly the sync stops, for this specific case it was during the sync of this iBook. The iBook was up to date on the mac but not on the iPad »

Then, i went to the iPad, move to the right Itunes account and update the book. It was really difficult, because i have to click many many time ont the « update » button to make it start.

Last time, but it appends very often, It was an app, up to date on the iPad, but not on the mac, then, I have to identify which one, and update it before on the mac to avoid crash during sync.

Sometimes it looks like there is too many apps to update, not enough memory to do it ???

I already totally erase my iPad and use my last backup without any amelioration.

Unfortunately, removing the issue with iBook was not enough, Apps sync doesn’t work, I have a bunch of apps updated in my iPad but not recognised as in my mac…. And I cannot see which apps is looking the process…. step 4 starts and stop without info…

APPLE, can you give more detailed information to the end user about problem during sync ???? warning windows with detail ???

After iTunes update in

My iPad also deasapear from iTunes…. because it cannot be found…

Same for my Iphone

No change.

In short…a nightmare. Now Itunes is stuck synced an upgrade of Facebook on my iPhone….

Argh… finally I update all my apps 2 times, one on my iDevice, one on my mac, and now, because there is only one or two apps to sync, it works.

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8 juin 2017 à 00h17 en réponse à BrunoC En réponse à BrunoC


Did you take a look at this article :

If you see error -54 when you sync with iTunes - Apple Support

Take a look here as well :

If you see an error when you update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod - Apple Support

Resolve issues between iTunes and third-party security software - Apple Support

If you have a Mac :

1- Download and install Malwarebytes to see if there is not a Malware in your mac

2- Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac - Apple Support

3- Create a new Admin Test User and try

8 juin 2017 à 00h17

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9 juin 2017 à 01h16 en réponse à Benjilyon En réponse à Benjilyon


It look like sync a small amount of content solves my problem, BUT, how can I do that without downloading AGAIN on my mac or on my iDevice twice in order to reduce the apps to sync, hu ?

Why a so poor user interface or hugely error code ???

Thanks for your help

9 juin 2017 à 01h16

Répondre Utile
Profil de l’utilisateur : BrunoC

Question : The iPad cannot be synced unknown error (-54), stopping just after started step 4