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Question : Is "" a adware

Recently I had "genmactechright" malware on my mac, it was also very slow and I could not quit Safari properly (Safari always had the "Open marker" in the dock bar). To get rid of the problem, first I upgraded to macOS Sierra 10.12.5 and then I ran Etrecheck and Malwarebytes to search for malware. I deleted the files as suggested. Since then Safari seems ok, no more "genmactechright" pop-up and I can quit Safari normally.

To be sure everything was ok, I ran Malwarebytes and Etrecheck again. Malwarebytes found no problem, but I had this message from Etrecheck:

Peut-être l’adware :

Fichier inconnu : /Library/LaunchAgents/


Un fichier trouvé qui peut-être adware. [Enlever/Signaler]

Should I delete this file?

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Question : Is "" a adware