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Question :

Question : MBP A1286 - No start up after upgrade 10.11.4

Hi everyone,

i have always had this problem since i bought my mbp. I just can't update or upgrade. I tried from original CD, usb bootable, network, target. (The only way it worked, is when i extract my harddrive, and installed a system from another mbp a1286, and then *** it back into my mbp).

By the way i changed my old hdd to a nice ssd, upgraded ram 4->8Go and the wire between SSD and logicboard.

Once i restart my computer after finishing the setup, it kernel panic. It's like my computer was not able to launch a system for the first time.

I tried verbose mode, and here is the message :Fichier chargé par un client

I hope someone had the same problem as me, because in any store i went, nobody understood...

Any idea / help ?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Question : MBP A1286 - No start up after upgrade 10.11.4