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Question :

Question : VM deleted with High Sierra update ?

Hello everyone

On my Mac, I keep my VMware Fusion VM's located at the root of my HDD, in a folder called VM, folder in which I have (had) 5 VM.

When I updated to High Sierra, all my VM's were deleted by the Apple updater.

So.. i fetched 200 GD of VM's and installed and configured them again

This week-end up updated my OS to 10.13.1.

AGAIN.. The Apple High Sierra deleted my VM's !!!!

This is crazy.. nuts...

I have other folders at the root of HDD, they are all OK.. all the content is there.

But not my VM folder

I am so mad.. frustrated... it will take me one full day to restore these VM's

Does anyone know why this is happening ?

Did anyone run into this ?

Thanks in advance

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2016, 2 TBT3), macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question : VM deleted with High Sierra update ?