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Question : SAP GUI for JAVA on MacBook

Hi.. I have been trying to install SAP GUI for JAVA and launch SAP logon screen whole day but couldn't succeed. I managed to install SAP GUI for JAVA 7.50, however, the logon pad is blank. I now have windows ini file which we normally replace this file on the installation folder so that brings all the server details on the logon pad. So the challenge is, I couldn't find a guide to replace the ini file (connection file) on Mac. Some links say SAP folder under library but still I cant find anything on my Mac.

As an alternative, I created a connection clicking on New --> Advanced --> Expert Setting

--> conn=/H/IP Address/S/3234 and when i click on connect i get the error (Other than 3234 value, I get Connection Failed/Refused)

Connection closed

Error: connection to partner 'IP Address:3234' broken

Mon Feb 26 22:33:00 2018

Release 753

Component NI (network interface), version 40

rc = -6, module

/net/, line


Detail NiIRead: P=IP Address:3234; L=

System Call recv

Error No 54

'Connection reset by peer'

Any help on this greatly appreciated..!!

MacBook Pro with Retina display

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Question : SAP GUI for JAVA on MacBook