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Question : iCloud Storage is Full


I am currently using macOS High Sierra on my MacBook Pro 17" Late 2011. Almost one month ago I have noticed that the iCloud folder in the finder shows the iCloud icon with an "!" and says iCloud Storage is Full. However, when I go to Preferences > iCloud it shows (cf. screenshot) that I have 36.29GB left (same thing on my iPhone and on the browser).

After searching for a while on the Internet, many people say that it's a server-side problem and there's no way to fix it. I have tried to disable and enable the iCloud function on Preferences > iCloud but whenever I click on Keep a Copy the download last forever.

I tried to contact the support, but there's no way to find the email adresse nor any chat support page.

Nevertheless, I think it would be useful to remind the support that for some people, contacting the support by email or chat is much faster, effective and especially easier.

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Question : iCloud Storage is Full