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Question : iPhone 7 4G only working through shared connection


I got a new iPhone 7 / iOS 11.3 with SFR as a carrier (French).

The 4G icon is appearing on top (strong signals) but every apps (maps, mail, etc .. ) says i don't have any internet connection.

I tryed some settings reset (network settings reset, complete reset, even factory reset) and nothing seems to work.

Now if i activate "share internet connection through wifi" on my iPhone and i connect a device to my iphone, then this device is able to access internet ! (i can "one device connected" on the iPhone, and see the cellular data volume consumption increasing in the cellular options of iOS).

Does anyone already faced & resolved a similar issue ?

Thanks & Best regards


iPhone 7, iOS 11.3, null

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Contacter l’assistance et le service clientèle d’Apple - Assistance Apple

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10 août 2018 à 14h16 en réponse à The BOSS En réponse à The BOSS

Did contact Apple.

Had to install Itunes and reset the iPhone through Itunes.

This installed the latest update of iOS : 11.4.1.

4G worked like a charm for 10 minutes, then same error again ...

10 août 2018 à 14h16

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13 août 2018 à 11h38 en réponse à gblrd En réponse à gblrd


I did contact my carrier, who informed me that my contract was only 3G.

After 4G deactivation in celullar data settings of iPhone (and iOS reboot ...),

my phone is finally online.

That leaves me wondering :

- Do iOS automatically tryies 3G when 4G acces not working ?

- How come "shared internet access" from iOS did work ? Is sharing through some kind of 3G channel ?

Have a nice day.

13 août 2018 à 11h38

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Question : iPhone 7 4G only working through shared connection