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Pergunta: Moving photo and video archive to Imac 5k

I'm moving all my files from my 2010 Mac Pro to a brand new Imac 5k 3 Tb fusion.

Working as a professional photographer, I keep almost 6 tb of photos on 4 internal sata disks on the Mac Pro, plus lightroom catalogs on a SSD. I'm also starting to shoot 4k video, so I'll be needing even more storage on a near future. Still not sure, but the plan would roughly be something like this:

1) Use the 3tb fusion for lightroom catalogs and video editing.

2) Keep the same sata disks with all the photos and just move them to a external enclosure. Would usb3 be fast enough or should I go for thunderbolt? I edit thousands of photos so I need a solution that allows lightroom to work really fast.

3) Use thunderbolt external disk for fast access and archive the video files.

Besides backing up, I never had to worry about using external disks with the old Mac Pro, but now there's no getting away, but I'm really confused with so many options, brands, models... Any help would be much appreciated.

I need something reliable, fast and silent.


iMac with Retina 5K display, macOS Sierra (10.12.2)

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Hi Rbs,

You are in the Portuguese Community, try to ask in the English Community.


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Pergunta: Moving photo and video archive to Imac 5k