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Pergunta: Boot Camp & Turbo Boost

Hi everybody,

I'm engineer and need to process big numerical models on Windows with Boot Camp.

I had a 2016 MBP 2,9 GHz up to 4,0 GHz (turbo boost). Usually, during processing, the speed went almost 4,0 GHz. That is, turbo boost worked fine and I was very satisfied with the Apple's notebook.

Now, last week, I decided to migrate to a new 2017 MBP 3,1 GHz up to 4,1 GHz. I thought that I would get a little bit increase of performance. But, unfortunatelly, the performance decreased. Why? Processing the same models, the speed now is up to 3,0 GHz. That is, turbo boost doesn't work!

I'm really disappointed of my investment in a new 2017 MBP.

I want to know if somebody has the same problem. Is there a solution to the turbo boost works on Boot Camp at new 2017 MBP? I'm using Windows 10 Pro.

Best regards, Alio Kimura.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Windows 10

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Pergunta: Boot Camp & Turbo Boost