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Pergunta: Apple Music Inconsistency

Some problems with iTunes and Apple Music.

1. iTunes have black glitches at the scroll bar on the right.

2. iCloud music library doesn't allow syncing smart playlists. If the smart playlist have any rules related to any other playlists, it won't sync.

3. I can't have my smart playlists on the iPhone now. Because:

a) if iCloud Music Library is turned off, Apple Music content is not allowed to sync via iTunes to the iPhone.
b) iCloud Music Library won't sync smart playlists based on another playlists, as stated on topic 2.

4. iTunes scans my "non-Apple Music Library" and matches the content so I don't have 2 copies of the same music on my computer. But if I share a playlist that contains Apple Music and my non-Apple Music mixed all together. Some of the non-Apple music is kept off the Apple Music Playlist, although Apple Music HAVE the song on its catalogue. It's a nightmare.

Now, I personally think those are terrible struggles I shouldn't have to go through. And there might be something else I cannot remember that's off this list of issues.
If someone can help me work around one of these, I would very much appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

null-OTHER, iOS 11.1

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Pergunta: Apple Music Inconsistency