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Pergunta: how do i find an iphone owner?

how do i find a iphone howner? i found the phone but there is no info on it the only thing i know checking imei is that it have find phone but nothing else. by the way there is no sim car on it.

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iPhone 6, iOS 11.2.6

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21/03/2018 09:31 em resposta a jose154 Em resposta a jose154

hello jose154, good morning!

if there's no sim card inserted, think you are not going to get an internet connection.

but, if you can connect it to the internet, try to use siri to ask "whose is this iphone?" or "call mom/dad".

these are the ways i could think about, hope you can do it!


jhonatan freitas

21/03/2018 09:31

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Pergunta: how do i find an iphone owner?