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Pergunta: Screen Recording

Wth guys, ur screen recording feature is full of bugs. Sometimes sound is out of sync. And i'm not talking about mic problems, sound overall is out of sync. Sometimes, it just stops recording sound at all. Like in the middle of the video recording sound just disappeared. Happened 2 times already. Sometime, it just doesn't save the video. Played a good game, thought "Hmmm, good thing i recorded that". Guess what? No! I didn't. In fact, i did, it just didn't save. Although i had plenty of storage on the device. Either resolve those bugs, or let some1 else to resolve them. Good thing about google is that ppl can make decent programs for Android. While in your case, u can't make something good and don't let others do it for you.

iPad Pro, iOS 11.2.6

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Pergunta: Screen Recording