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Frage: What are AAE files?

Hi folks

With the build in Camera (iPhone 6) I can shoot fotos. Of corse. Color fotos which produced JPG files. Or I use the build in filters like black and White. That produced a JPG (color) file AND a small AAE files.


Where are my fully usable black and white files? I imagine the AAE files are the black and white info but I can't use them. I've tried to import it in "foto" and Adobe LR but no success.

Any solutions?



iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.1, camera app

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it is mentioned that .aae extension contains the info that the image was (and obviously in which way it was) edited. Meaning: it contains the data to make it possible to convert it back to the original.

You cannot (and should not be necessary) import it separately if I understood it correctly.

What to expect when you import edited photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your Mac or PC - Apple Support

17. Apr. 2017, 23:35

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OK, again.

It makes no sense if I switch ON the filters in the camera APP (With filter I mean, for example, black and white), and just make color fotos and the "black and White" informations are in the AAE file which NO application can read or use. Of corse I can use Adobe Light Room to change the JPG (color) into a black and white JPG.

To make it short, for what exactly do I need the AAE file if no application it may need?


18. Apr. 2017, 00:22

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Well, the purpose is exactly to not override any information of the original image whatsoever. Before iOS 8 the original photo was irreversibly changed thus information lost.

To still be able to export the photo AND contain the original version the process was changed to create said .aae.

Long story short: email it to make the changes of permanent nature (or airdrop). It may be also possible to use the iCloud as sync-option to use either iCloud photo library on Mac or iCloud for Windows to "import" the pictures onto the PC, but I only think it will "import" the edited version rather than the original version.

18. Apr. 2017, 00:42

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Frage: What are AAE files?