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I bought from a nice locking converter (3.5mm jack) and charger.

After ordering I updated my iphone 7 to IOS 10.3. After few days I got an email from ILDOCK (the stuff still on the way to me) that the the IOS 10.3 dose not support the the ILDOCK. Now I have this converter at home, but can not use, because the iphone don't accept it.

When this would be fixed? Or how can this be fixed?

One solution I heard, is to downgrade the IOS to version 10.2.

Thanks for help

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.3.1

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26. Apr. 2017, 07:11 als Antwort auf shmuelg Als Antwort auf shmuelg

What about the return policy? Can you give it back and get a refund?

Downgrading the iOS is not supported by Apple, sorry.

This converter is supposed to work with iOS 10.3, is this the one you bought?

26. Apr. 2017, 07:11

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25. Apr. 2017, 11:52 als Antwort auf Ingo1127 Als Antwort auf Ingo1127

Thank you for answering/helping. I bought also a CRANACH iPhone 7 Adapter and it is also not working. A very similar looking adapter (only for headphones) like the original is also not working.

I wrote to the customer service and maybe I can return it.

About the downgrading, yes I red about it. Not nice such stuff.

25. Apr. 2017, 11:52

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27. Apr. 2017, 07:51 als Antwort auf tbannert Als Antwort auf tbannert


I got an answer of ildockgear, and the don't have yet a MFI, but the are working on it.

The ildock duo is working, make no sense why one equipment is working and one not.

In my eyes it is anyway to strong regulated and makes hard for engineers to make new stuff.

It looks to me, as apple try to make sure that the people by only there products.

27. Apr. 2017, 07:51

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