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Frage: iPad: AVI-file => AirDrop => iPhone: location?

Transfer of an AVI-file via AirDrop from iPad to iPhone seemed to be okay.

Unfortunately I cannot fond this file on the iPhone. None of the installed apps is storing the file.

How can i find the file on the phone?



iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3.1, AirDrop

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03. Mai. 2017, 16:09 als Antwort auf B.K. Als Antwort auf B.K.

Did you already check the Photo or Video App on the phone?


If you tap Accept, you get the content in the app it was sent from. For example, photos appear in the Photos app and websites open in Safari. App links open in the App Store so you can download or purchase the app.


copied from: Share content with AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

03. Mai. 2017, 16:09

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04. Mai. 2017, 07:34 als Antwort auf B.K. Als Antwort auf B.K.

Sorry, I forgot:

".... If you AirDrop content to yourself, like share a photo from your iPhone to your Mac, you won't see an option to Accept or Decline. The content is automatically sent to that device. Just make sure that both devices are signed in with the same Apple ID...."

04. Mai. 2017, 07:34

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05. Mai. 2017, 21:11 als Antwort auf B.K. Als Antwort auf B.K.

OK, I just tried AirDrop between two iPhone 5s, different Apple ID's, but same Wi-Fi Network and Bluetooth activated.

I sent a photo and a video file, both ended up in the "Photos" app on the other device.

Both devices running iOS10.3.1

05. Mai. 2017, 21:11

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Frage: iPad: AVI-file => AirDrop => iPhone: location?