Frage: Airpods always connect and directly disconnect on OSX Sierra (MacBook Pro Mid 2014)


I got my new Airpods and have no problems using them on my 2 iPhones.

On My MacBook Pro (mid 2014 with OSX Sierra) the Airpods always disconnect directly after connect them.

Found some solutions by resetting bluetooth stack and deleting bluetooth settings completely.

Nothing helps.

Also restarted my MacBook a few times.

Any hints how to solve this problem?

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

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17.Sep.2017, 23:25 als Antwort auf sbeutel

That seems a bit odd.

Have other BT devices any trouble connecting to your macbook?

I would suggest to test the issue in another user account and if that yields no resolution, you could safe boot (test and reboot), to further isolate the issue.

17.Sep.2017, 23:25

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17.Sep.2017, 23:29 als Antwort auf BeK


all other bluetooth devices are working fine (Magic Mouse and Creative Bluetooth Speakers).

Also the bluetooth connection to my iPhones are working when I used it.

Problem is only with Airpods.

As it is a company MacBook I can't create a new user account.

17.Sep.2017, 23:29

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18.Sep.2017, 00:36 als Antwort auf sbeutel

Ok, problem is not solved. If I restart my Mac and have the Airpods not in the case, I can connect/disconnect them manually and it works. But after putting them in the case and put them back in the ears, The problem occurs again.

They get always disconnected directly after connected.

18.Sep.2017, 00:36

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Frage: Airpods always connect and directly disconnect on OSX Sierra (MacBook Pro Mid 2014)