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Frage: Garmin device not recognized in HighSierra

Dear all,

I recently updated my iMac (2013) to HighSierra.

Right now, my Garmin device is not recognized anymore but matters the bluetooth connection of my mouse.

I use a Forerunner 305 and Garmin Training Center (latest version). After starting the program, I try to exchange the data between the device and my iMac. I just receive an error message indicating the device is not recognized. While the software tries to connect to the device, the bluetooth connection of the mouse gets lost and been reconnected afterwards.

With Yosemite and my old Macbook Pro (2008), I have no issues at all. With my iMac and Sierra the connection worked unstable only.

Does anybody have an idea what's going on here?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Frage: Garmin device not recognized in HighSierra