Frage: Keyboard-Layout on iPad with BlueTooth Keyboard

Hi together,

I just got my iPad Pro, and Ím using it with a Magic-Keyboard (the small one). My physical as well as my software- keyboard layout is German (QWERTZ) and I set the physical keyboard layout in iOS to German.

My current problem are the special keys -> Everything that is usually accessed by „alt + option“, such as Backslash, Pipe-Symbol and so on.

For some reason the layout of those keys is very weird on iOS and different to what my Windows/MAC/Linux Machines recognize.

Usually my backslash would be „alt option + ß“, but in iOS that gives me „¿“.

I tried different keyboard-languages now, but none of them seem to match with the usual alt-option keys.

Is there anything i am missing?

iPad Pro, iOS 11.0.3

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Frage: Keyboard-Layout on iPad with BlueTooth Keyboard