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Frage: Is it at all possible to download my own PDFs from icloud to my pc?!

Hi Everyone!!

is it at all possible to download my own PDFs from icloud to my pc?! if yes how??? it seems when i open a pdf on iphone and then move it to ibooks, it gets uploaded to and saved in iCloud and can only be either read on iPhone/iPad/Mac or be completely deleted!!!

Also, if i deactivate icloud for ibooks on my iphone (because i dont want all my pdfs automatically uploaded to icloud), all the pdfs there get deleted from icloud and are no longer available on any device, which is very bad because it isn't possible to save them to my pc before they are deleted from icloud (or before the deactivation of icloud for ibooks)

Any help is appreciated!!


iPhone SE, iOS 11.0.3

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21. Okt. 2017, 22:25 als Antwort auf 123444123444 Als Antwort auf 123444123444

If you have a pdf open, you can click the forward-symbol at the bottom. It is a little box with an arrow pointing up. You can then select "Save as file" in the bottom row and select the iCloud drive as location. Then you can Use the iCloud for Windows-App (Download iCloud for Windows - Apple Support) to access your iCloud files on the PC.

This works only, before importing the pdf to iBooks. You are then having the pdf in the files app instead of iBooks.

21. Okt. 2017, 22:25

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21. Okt. 2017, 22:38 als Antwort auf Osas Als Antwort auf Osas

Thank you Osas

Yes i can do that for future pdfs, but what about the PDFs/ePubs that are already in ibooks in the cloud... is there a way to save them to my PC? because i cant really find the first sources for them in order to redownload them from the internet + it would be a huge task, because there is a lot of them.

thanks for your answers

21. Okt. 2017, 22:38

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Frage: Is it at all possible to download my own PDFs from icloud to my pc?!